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Performed by Lordenn Panganiban-Kline
Composed by Imelda Roberts


I.  RMHS GLOBAL, We are on our way
To lend a helping hand
Reach out to you to say, “We truly care”  
Time and distance won’t be in our way!
In spring, summer, fall or snow
Will find our way to be there with you - ohh …

II. Aboard the ship into the distant shore
On a camel’s ride in the heat of the desert land
On a horse’ ride through the tough Western countryside 
We’ll cross the bridge for those we care to reach!

RMHS GLOBAL, We are on our way
We’ll fly high in the sky just like how eagles fly
For your dream is our dream  
Your hope is our hope  
Just like in younger years.
With faith we have no fears.   
We may have left with tears,
RMHS Global, we are always here!

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View Our GLobal Outreach!
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